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Our Story

In the picturesque town of Mammoth Lakes, amidst the majestic mountains, the Red Lily floral journey began in 1998. With a deep love for blooms and a dream to bring floral artistry to this community Red Lily is established as the only brick-and-mortar full service flower shop in town.

From the very start, the focus was clear - specializing in weddings and events to infuse every celebration with the beauty of nature. Over the years, the shop became a haven for those seeking exquisite floral arrangements, a place where dreams took root and blossomed.

Through the changing seasons, this floral business has woven its petals into the tapestry of Mammoth Lakes. Each wedding became a story told in blooms, and every event a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of carefully chosen flowers.

In this alpine oasis, the shop stands not just as a store but as a testament to a passion that has grown with the community. The fragrant symphony of flowers has become a signature melody in Mammoth Lakes’ celebrations, creating a legacy that continues to flourish, much like the petals that have graced countless weddings and events over the years.

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Nature

For over 25 years, we have been providing exceptional floral design services for weddings and events in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We understand the importance of making your special day unforgettable, which is why we offer unique and personalized floral arrangements that will perfectly complement your event. Our delivery services ensure that your special day is hassle-free, from start to finish.


Venues & Affiliates

October wedding Convict Shoreline
June Lake weddings

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